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a well-established with more than fifty-year tradition

This sole shareholder company was set up on 20/12/2013 as a result of the demerger of BENI IMMOBILIARI S.p.A. and leverages a well-established more than fifty-year tradition in the field of real estate assets administration, management and development.
The purpose of the Company is to expand and develop its business, offering customers real estates, services and agreements that meet the evolving market requirements, using the most innovative and cutting-edge management and communication tools to constantly improve its offer, so as to select and retain its customers.

Driven by the principles of utmost fairness and transparency that have always distinguished the Company, DE ANGELIS REAL ESTATE S.p.A. provides on-going support to its customers, allowing them to enjoy their properties and neighbourhoods at best.

A targeted offer

In recent years, the Italian real estate market has experienced a sharp decline. As for leases, the company's core business, a decrease in the average level of fees has been recorded, as well as a significant change in the type of customers.

Notwithstanding the Country's economic downturn, the rental market in the city of Rome is characterized by many heterogeneous situations depending on the neighbourhood and, in general, has been less affected by the economic crisis and tends to privilege those offerings that stand out from the rest of the competition in terms of quality.


As a matter of fact, customers have changed, moving from persons who are deeply rooted in the territory, to individuals who relocate for work or study purposes for limited periods of time.
In case of dissatisfaction or out of necessity, these customers have no qualms about changing area and living habits. Moreover, there is a high demand for lease properties by foreign families who move to Italy to work, or by commercial companies seeking accommodations for their employees.

This ever evolving context has led to the need to be constantly present on the market, analysing the specific characteristics of each district, assessing the changing types of potentially interested customers and responding to them by improving the quality of the offer.
Competitive differentiation takes place and is bound to grow by enhancing the quality of the offer - being it properties, additional services, agreements - besides from ensuring the maximum availability and support.




A true and real added value for the customer


In order to maintain and increase the competitiveness of its offering, DE ANGELIS REAL ESTATE is planning a progressive improvement of the quality of common areas and apartments through restructuring works which, besides from meeting the most ground-breaking standards of efficiency, do introduce elements of quality and design that distinguish the offer from the direct one in the neighbourhood, and selecting customers to avoid riskier customer segments.

In order to reach this goal, the Company can leverage the partnerships with other companies in the group, which are well-rooted in the territory as well as the selected list of suppliers, to get the best quality at substantially lower costs than those available from competitors.



De Angelis Real Estate S.p.A.

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